Here is where you can get your groovy Forbidden Forest sounds, video, stills, and more. These are used for informational purposes and with gracious permission from Cosmi themselves. Thanks guys.

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Just click an image for a full-sized version. These were taken out of WinVICE, the C64 emulator.

Shooting the Bees Dispatched the Dragon Hide your first born son Archer-Kabob


We've captured some video from the game. There is no audio. The files are in AVI format.

Killing that Dang Bee
(1.1 MB)
Another Dragon Slayer
(1.4 MB)
Stomped by Froggie
(2.1 MB)
Getting Spit On
(1.7 MB)
  Not Yet Available  
  Speared by Skeletons
(1.4 MB)
All Scenes Video


Here are some musical selections from the game; various formats.