Welcome to the tribute page of the great Commodore 64 game, Forbidden Forest. This game was developed in 1983 by Paul Norman (Super Huey, Aztec Challenge, Caverns of Khafka) while working for Cosmi. The game sold over a million copies and landed on the Top 50 games for the Commodore 64 of all time. The game was ported to other platforms, but none quite rocked like the C64 version.

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While the screenshots of this classic game don't look like much by today's standards, back in 1983 this game caused a stir amongst gamers. Forbidden Forest was a landmark game and featured some things still new to video games:

  • Parallax scrolling
  • Context-Sensative Music (changes based on events)
  • Gore - lots of gore.
  • A real-time environment including day and night changes.
  • Arcade Quality Graphics
  • Quality Game at Budget Prices

The game has four levels of difficulty and 6 stages of creatures and a great way of making you feel 'in' the game. See GAME for more information.

Forbidden Forest is a game from an age where a one-man programming/music/graphics band could write a fun, playable game that made your jaw drop. Paul Norman (see AUTHOR for more information) was that man. An inspiration to many teenage-game-players-turned-programmers of the generation (myself included).

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Original Box for C64 Version