Our Nintendo Switch Videos

Why should you choose MonroeWorld for your Nintendo Switch play videos?

  • We release videos of the latest games – from AAA games down to the cheapest Indie games.
  • Our videos are direct feed videos in the highest resolution possible – with high bitrate capture.
  • Accurate load times are always shown – never trimmed or sped up.
  • Games are typically played “cold” – without practicing or having any pre-play advantage. If a game is hard to pick up and play – you’ll see it in our videos.
  • Options! We know how important it is to understand if a game can be rotated in TATE mode, support multiple languages, have gyro controls or even Invert Y for shooters. We show you the options!
  • Sometimes our viewers want to see what the story is like. We try to keep intros and cut scenes intact so you know what is going on.
  • We understand what gamers need to see to make an informed decision. We’ll show various modes of play and attempt to play enough of the game to offer a fair representation of the title so you know if it is a must-buy or you’ll-cry game.
  • We keep our mouths shut most of the time. You don’t need “dude” and “brah” every two seconds. Commentary free game play is what most people want to see; that’s what we deliver.

How We Rank Videos to Playlists

  • 5 Star: Top shelf game. Fun, well designed, no flaws. If you like this type of game – this is a no-brainer purchase. We don’t give out a lot of these.
  • 4 Star: Great game. No apparent flaws or issues. We may have taken away a star because something about the game didn’t appeal to us particularly – but we know fans of the genre will be into it.
  • 3 Star: Good game. We had some issues with it (things like load time, small issues with controls, etc.) or perhaps the game is too expensive to be commensurate with it’s overall value. Might have additional information in the description of the video.
  • 2 Star: Poor with potential. The game is a mess but can be fixed or improved by the developer with a patch to the game mechanics or controls. You’ll see games that should have Invert Y (but don’t) fall into this category – the controls are a mess, horrid load times, etc. Be wary buying this game without doing more research.
  • 1 Star: Pass on this game. The game is beyond saving – it has critical issues that are at the core of the game mechanics or controls. We don’t give this out often; when we do – take heed and stay away.

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