Project Trapshoot: Unauthorized PC Simulation of a 1975 Gremlin Parlor Wall Game

Welcome to Project Trapshoot
An Unauthorized PC Simulation of a 1975 Gremlin Parlor Wall Game

In the late 70's when families still went out to dinner together and there was still entertainment to be had outside of a Playstation, many companies produced "wall games"; giant lighted games that hung on the walls of popular eateries (like pizza parlors) that could be played remotely from your table with a wireless controller.

These simple, one button games are certainly primitive by today's standards - but those of us that grew up playing these games every Saturday over a slice of pepperoni pizza and a Coke - these games have an eternal place in our hearts.

Unfortunately, these games are rare (especially good condition working ones) and there are no emulators or other means of playing them anymore. The purpose of Project Trapshoot is to bring a "PC Simulation" of the game to your computer screens and help rekindle some of the magic that these games once brought us.

For the longest time, I believed I might have just DREAMED this game up. Even with the EXPLOSION of the internet, information on this game is still sparse. The rare reference to a product manual and perhaps a lone remote control for sale on eBay were about it. For years I begged the classic gaming community for information about this game; a full digital picture, sound effects, game play mechanics - anything that might help me recreate this title. For many years, there was nothing.

Finally, a guy named Robert Carroll got the ball rolling. Turns out he had a scan of the promotional flyer for the game - depicting all the lights on the playfield turned on. This was enough to get started on the project. He is the developer of - DEFINITELY check his site out.

Then I got a HUGE break. Andrew Jones came forward and said there was a unit in operation near him and thanks to him. He spent TIRELESS hours providing me with videos, snapshots, and sound captures. None of this would have been possible with him. He is totally instrumental in making this game possible.