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Shane R. Monroe
11414 N. 57th Ave • Glendale, AZ 85304
Home Phone (623) 487-3903 • Cellular Phone: (602) 481-5568


Client/Server Programmer/Web Applications Developer or Senior-Level Internet Content Creator/Supervisor


  • Nine years webmaster/web designer, Internet-related networking (HTML, Javascript, Flash, Shockwave, DOM, PERL, SQL, ADO) using popular applications and technologies.
  • Five years web applications development (DHTML, ASP, XML/XSL, VB, VBScript, Javascript, DOM, and SQL). Proficiency with Dreamweaver MX in an ASP environment.
  • Nine years of professional PC technical support/repair/troubleshooting.
  • Five years Network Administration (IIS4/5, Apache, Netscape Mail, Merak Mail, Real Player Server, NT4/Windows 2000, and many others).
  • Over twenty years computer-related experience.
  • FIfteen years telecommunications experience.
  • Three years experience with PHP/mySQL web application development.
  • Four years experience with ASP/SQL web application development.


3/2004 - Present: Maricopa County, Clerk of the Superior Court • Phoenix, AZ
Cilent/Server Programmer

  • Created several client/server applications using ASP/T-SQL
  • Trained junior level personnel on software and programming
  • Managed junior level programmers across full lifecycle projects
  • Performed high/detailed level designs for applications

I am employed full time by this company.

4/2002 - 10/2003: Aether Systems • Tempe, AZ
Network Operations Technician

  • Monitored dozens of Windows NT4, 2000, and Sun Microsystems servers.
  • Performed troubleshooting on servers, routers, and other related equipment.
  • Performed routine server repair and installations.
  • Utilized Clarify for trouble ticket escalation and VNC, SSH, and other remote control software.

I was a part time employee of this company.

11/2001 - 3/2004: Brazen Technologies, Inc. • Chandler, AZ
Web Site/Applications Programmer

  • Created numerous commercial corporate websites using ASP, PHP, mySQL, and SQL2000.
  • Full term lifecycle projects including all design, layout, graphics, interface and usability.

1/2002 - 1/2003: Intel • Chandler, AZ
Web Site/Applications Programmer (Contractor)

  • Completely restructured Operations Excellence website converting from jumbled, archaic includes to clean, templated Dreamweaver code.
  • Developed, coded, and implemented several large-capacity web applications using DHTML, ASP, SQL, and other popular technologies.
  • Consulted other departments on web site efficiency and improvements.

Successfully completed two full contracts for Intel, including a full year contract.

7/2001 - 8/2001: Thomson Financial • Scottsdale, AZ
Web Applications Programmer (Contract)

  • Created dynamic website content using XML/XSL, COM, and Oracle. Graphic design and layout for website.

This was a short term contract job. I worked about three weeks total for Thomson.

9/1999 - 7/2001: InfoImage • Phoenix, AZ
Web Applications Developer/Programmer

  • Wrote search application for the freedom 2 corporate portal in conjunction with Microsoft using ASP/ADO/SQL/Site Server technologies.
  • Wrote numerous in-house applications/Portal Objects for use with freedom 2 using multiple data-sources and technologies.
  • Continuous use of DHTML, DOM, VB, COM, ASP, Javascript, XML, SQL, and many other technologies daily during development.
  • Acted as Corporate Webmaster for InfoImage as well as one of the lead User Interface developers for the company.
  • Part of the Vertical Solutions Group responsible for leveraging product to corporate partners including disparate data-sources.
  • Administered and maintained development servers; IIS4/5, SQL6.5/7/2000, Site Server, and others.

11/1995 - 9/1999: ComputerLand Network & Telephone • Wenatchee, WA
PC Technical/In-House IS/HelpDesk/Webmaster

  • Help Desk/IS Serviced staff of 30+ employees (Win95/98/NT4)
  • Customer/In-House tech support: PC/Win95/Internet/software packages (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Paint Shop Pro, Novell, Groupwise, PMMail, Netscape, and many other packages)
  • PC repair and upgrade/System Engineer /Network Troubleshooting
  • Taught Graphics Essentials at a local computer training center.
  • Created, programmed, facilitated, and maintained over a dozen professional web sites.
  • Responsible for writing technical manuals for the non-technical staff members and customers of the business.

9/1988 - 11/1995: U.S. Navy • Charleston, SC
Petty Officer 2nd Class/E-5/MM2/PC Repair Shop Supervisor

  • Supervised PC Repair Shop
  • Maintained and supported over 500 computers onboard ship
  • Maintained fiber optic network - including hardware construction and installation of connections.
  • Trained and Help Desk support of over 1000 crew members
  • Facilitated and delivered Internet seminars
  • Qualified as a Quality Assurance Inspector


  • Facilitated numerous web sites assisting non-technical individuals with highly technical PC-related software and hardware issues.
  • Created and ran shareware programming group of six coders from 1992-1995 (and recently restarted coding games) - producing nearly a dozen titles. Provided telephone technical support for products as well as general computer support.
  • Beta tester for PC software vendors such as Mijenix and others.
  • Professional Internet User/Administrator - FTP, IRC, WWW, Telnet, domain name handling/registration, etc.
  • Run a monthly on-line radio show of entertainment/informational nature - also do live shows with call-in support.
  • Constructed and maintained some of the most popular technical support sites on the internet for novice support of emulation and game programming.


1987 - 1988: Wenatchee Valley College • Wenatchee, WA

  • Major courses include Speech, Drama, and English.


  • Maintain numerous web pages outside of work.
  • Occasional Tang Soo Do Martial Arts training.
  • Classic video arcade/console game collector.
  • Video game programmer/designer.


Available Upon Request