- Ork Attack* (.adf file)

* This ADF requires an Amiga emulator with Kickstart 2.0 or better to run. If you get any requestors when running, just press ESC to bypass it.

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Welcome to the unofficial fan site of Ork Attack, a totally addictive classic freeware game published for the Commodore Amiga. Here you can see screenshots, download the disk image, and get assistance in running the game. Enjoy!

Programmer: Ian West
Graphics/Music: Jonathan Eggelton

The title screen, which incidently is incorrect; stop moving by pushing down. Introduction Map and Story
Each castle has a different leg of the journey The first ork is down - blood where applicable.
Its too late to hit this one with a rock - summoning sword from your squire. Wasted By The Ork ...
We cannot defeat their kind, I guess!
Bonus for orks repelled. Cleaning up the mess afterwards.

(c) Copyright 2002 By Shane R. Monroe. Graphics used under Fair Use Act. No copyright violations are intended.
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