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For over ten years, the Monroeworld community has been helping their fellow man. With thousands of topics and tens of thousands of posts - chances are; if you can think of it - we've been talking about it. MW has a rich history of technology, entertainment and so much more. Recently, we rebuilt our foums - starting over - but our old forums are still available for hours of entertaining reading and help. Visit the forums now!

Review Lagoon
Since 1998, Shane R. Monroe and a group of talented writers have been creating reviews of tech and entertainment. Priding ourselves in non-compensated opinion, zero advertising influence and a passion for real-world journalism - Monroeworld's Review Lagoon staff is devoted to creating honest reviews of stuff that matters. You can find all our reviews, opinion pieces and much more over at Review Lagoon! Visit Review Lagoon now!

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RetroGaming Radio
A monthly MP3 radio podcast spotlighting the greatest era of video gaming. From hard hitting gritty interviews with famous classic game programmers to edgy relevant editorial commentaries ... classic game reviews to a social commentary look at video games on the internet ... RetroGaming Radio delivers hours of great content every month. Yours for free ... Visit RetroGaming Radio now!

Passenger Seat Radio
Join Shane R. Monroe for his thirteen mile commute to work where you're in the passenger seat for the most uncensored, unfiltered, "unproduced" and curiously entertaining podcast on the internet. There is no topic safe; politics to overweight women wearing skin-tight clothes - nothing is sacred. Whether you agree with him or not, you're bound to enjoy the unique-yet-sometimes-warped rantings and musings. Did you ever ... think ferret health issues could be entertaining? Believe billboards could be an interesting topic? Wish you could squirt cat urine on rude smokers? Sound like fun? You won't want to miss a single episode! Podcast also available on Zune and iTunes.

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