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Advanced Authoring

A lot of people have TONS of SVCDs laying around they would like to put on DVD. Fortunately, DVD-Lab will allow this with one caveat .. you must transcode the audio from 44,000 to 48,000. DVD-Lab has a built in transcoder, but its twitchy ... sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

This tutorial will show you how to use BeSweet (and its GUI) to transcode your audio.

Transcoding Your Audio

Step 1: Demux the File
Software Needed:
- Various

Get a .MPA file from your original

  • Use DVD-Lab or other software to split your video into stand alone video and audio files. When you attempt to load your SVCD into DVD-Lab, it will offer to demultiplex it. Allow it to do so. You will get a resultant .MPA file. This is the audio file.

Step 2: Setting Up BeSweet
Software Needed:
- BeSweet
(Free: Download | Visit Homepage)
- BeSweet GUI (Free: Download | Visit Homepage)

Set up BeSweet to convert your MPA to WAV

  • Download and unpack BeSweet.
  • Download and unpack BeSweet GUI.
  • Run BeSweet GUI. It looks daunting, doesn't it? Not too bad .. just bear with me.
  • Point the GUI to the besweet.exe file. At the top, there is a place to point the program to the BeSweet executable.

  • Select BESWEET from the profiles on the right. This will put the GUI in BeSweet mode.

  • Configure the GUI to convert the file. Change your settings to match these:

Step 3: Converting Your Audio
Software Needed:
- BeSweet (Free: Download | Visit Homepage)
- BeSweet GUI (Free: Download | Visit Homepage)

Use BeSweet to convert the audio.

  • Select your input and output files. Using the GUI, select the INPUT file (your recently split MPA file), and select the OUTPUT WAV file.

  • Click the MPA to WAV button. It will convert your audio!

    A DOS box will appear (BeSweet is a DOS program) and it will convert your audio. This can take some time if your file is big.

    Once done, you are ready to import the video and the new .WAV file into your DVD-Lab or your DVD authoring program.

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