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Welcome to my DVD Help Center!

New: We've added tutorials for making your own DVDs AND how to successfully make a DVD-SVCD through audio transcoding with BeSweet.

You've undoubtably came here because you are new to DVD recording and want a quick, easy, and understandable way to get started in making your own DVDs without the expense of trial and error with those expensive new blank DVDs. You've come to the right place.

This site features numerous areas of interest just for you; the new guy to DVD recording technology:

Read Our Disclaimer
Required reading before we get started
An Overview on DVD Recording Technology
Learn the technology and differences in DVD recordable drives/media.
DVD Video Backup
Making 1:1 Copies of your DVDs
Converting VCD/SCVD to DVD
How to get existing media onto DVD
Advanced Authoring
How to make your own custom DVDs
Media Recommendations
Media and burner tests and results

This site is ALWAYS under constructions - so its very possible you will not find everything up here at once. Keep checking back for more information. Note: We do not cover the duplication of video game console games.

Good luck, and have fun!

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