Chris Hentschel

Chris has been gaming in one form or another since he was a wee lad, his first brush with it being either the 70's arcade game Submarine or the Pong TV system his dad brought home one day (He couldn't remember).

He spent the 80's lurking in arcades such as Space Port and Aladdin's Castle playing everything in sight such as Rip-Off! and Space Fury at least once and is thrilled now to have the ability to say "Hey, I played that (Obscure arcade cab)!".

From there he moved onto a short brush with the Commodore VIC 20 and the Intellivision where he was hooked on such hits as Astrosmash!, Atlantis and Demon Attack. It was only a few years later when his uncle introduced him to the wonders of the Commodore 64 that his love for gaming really took hold with the marvels of such classics as Bruce Lee, Archon, Bard's Tale and one of his all time favorites Legacy of the Ancients.

A chance encounter at a JC Penney grudgingly hooked him onto the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987. Having been a hardcore C64 fan, this NES system wasn't really anything exciting that he hadn't seen before however a little game called "The Legend Of Zelda" was all it took to convince him otherwise. One of Chris's top 10 games of all time, "The Legend Of Zelda" showed him that consoles were back and probably wouldn't be leaving anytime soon.

Through the 90's it was the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo along with a two week stint on the TurboGrafix 16 to play Galaga '90 before jumping back to the PC world for Doom and Tie Fighter. During this time Chris was a huge fan of anything that would allow him to play video games on the go, so he was happy to eat up the Sega Nomad, Atari Lynx and three variations of the Nintendo Gameboy.

It was then in 1997 that he got involved in the Sony Playstation and later in 1999 with the Sega Dreamcast for a short spin. Basically Chris has played everything but a 3DO and a Jaguar. Chris is now an XBox owner for the past 3 years and its been his basic source for gaming lately, however a new competitior came into his life in mid 2005 ... The Nintendo DS. And it continues ...



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